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Forensic Medical Coders and Billers work with legal teams to assist with medical coding and billing issues. Join the AFMC Association to network with legal professionals and other forensic medical coders and billers.

FMC Certification

Why get certified in
Forensic Medical Coding

The FMC certification signifies to the legal world that you are an expert in CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10, DRG, and various places of service. This recognition underscores your ability to navigate complex coding systems, ensuring accurate documentation, and compliance in healthcare settings, making you a valuable asset in legal and regulatory contexts.

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FMC Training Course

Enhance Your Expertise
In Medical Coding

FMC training classes are designed to prepare you as an expert capable of scrutinizing claim forms and invoices with precision, making you adept at identifying and rectifying incorrect coding. This proficiency not only safeguards against errors but also reinforces your ability to contribute significantly to the financial integrity and compliance of healthcare operations.

Forensic Medical Coding Association
Resources for forensic medical coders

FMC Continuing Education

Elevate your expertise with FMC Continuing Education, a program dedicated to honing your ability to identify and rectify incorrect medical coding. This invaluable knowledge can be acquired through reputable organizations such as AAPC, AHIMA, AMBA, and HCCA, ensuring you stay at the forefront of precision and compliance in the medical coding field.

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Join The Network for seamless collaboration between expert FMCs and legal teams. The Network Map showcases Forensic Medical Coders nationwide increasing their individual visibility t0 legal professionals seeking FMC expertise.  Enjoy regular free resources on FMC topics through the AFMC portal.

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