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Association of Forensic Medical Coders (AFMC) was created due to the demand for analytical medical coders and billers. Not all medical coders and billers are analytical (forensic.) Forensic Medical Coders (FMC) analyze the medical codes billed to a patient / payer to ensure the accuracy of the coding and document any inappropriate coding.

Forensic Medical Coders (FMC) also understand the concept of Billed vs Paid charges in order to provide usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) amounts for charges billed to a patient/ payer. The Association of Forensic Medical Coders (AFMC) is a group of medical coders and billers that have at least two years of medical coding/ billing experience, hold a CPC, or CMRS, or CPB or RHIA credential and have passed the FMC exam that tests their knowledge regarding inappropriate medical coding and UCR.

Non-Medical Coders/Billers are welcomed to be a member of AFMC if they want to network with those that have passed the FMC exam. This includes medical coders / billers, auditors, attorneys, consultants and healthcare leaders. I hope that the members of this association grow to learn more about this interesting career choice and can assist with the growing demand for forensic medical coding.

Jacqueline Bloink,